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Chef's Prerogative: 2013 Santa Maria Chardonnay

We do a lot of things when we're not bringing you great wine, but one thing we do every day is cook. From the coffee rituals that start our day to seeing if we have some homegrown/homemade (Meyer) limoncello stashed for a digestivo at the end of the night, we're all about the food and what to drink with it.

Monday morning, the conversation went something like this:

"I saw a great recipe in the New York Times that I want to try. I'm going to see if the fish guy at the farmer's market has any calamari."

"That one with the stuffed squid?"


"YAASS, please!"

I'd seen the recipe, too. I'd lived in Bay Ridge briefly when I lived in New York in the 1980s, and I'm always looking to expand my Feast of the Seven Fishes repertoire. Even better, our meticulous winemaker sources the ingredients and did most of the work! (My contribution: securing the stuffed tubes with toothpicks and pouring wine... because that's what I do.)

We used our 2013 Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay in the recipe and served it with the final product. Yes, white wine with red sauce. It was amazing. The winemaker had to prevent me from finishing the whole thing off in one sitting. 

Here's the link to the article and recipe: